Teledyne Companies


Our Instrumentation segment provides measurement, monitoring and control instruments for marine, environmental, scientific and industrial applications. We also provide power and communications connectivity devices for distributed instrumentation systems and sensor networks deployed in mission critical, harsh environments.

Instrumentation Product & Marketing Portals

  • Teledyne Instruments

    Teledyne Instruments is a group of business units with expertise in monitoring, process control and precision measurement instrumentation, including:
    • Air quality monitors and - Air quality systems
    • Process analysers and sensors
    • Medical monitors and sensors
    • Vacuum & Flow instruments
    • Marine exploration products
    • Sensors and Load cells
  • Teledyne Marine

    Teledyne Marine is a group of business units providing products and services to the oceanographic community, including:
    • Coastal and deep water observatory equipment and applications
    • Harsh environment connectors
  • Teledyne Oil & Gas

    The companies of Teledyne Oil & Gas provide high reliability engineered solutions for the oil and gas exploration and production industry, including:
    • Field performance—flow assurance and pipeline asset integrity sensing and monitoring
    • Electrical, optical penetrations, and distribution systems for power and data network interfacing
    • Application-focused new product development with systems and materials expertise
  • Teledyne Water Quality

    Teledyne Instruments is a group of business units with expertise in monitoring, process control and precision measurement instrumentation, including:
    • Sampling and flow measurement products for water and wastewater monitoring
    • VOC, TOC, and elemental analysis
    • Acoustic Doppler products for current profiling, waves measurement, and navigation application

Instrumentation Businesses

Digital Imaging

Our Digital Imaging segment includes digital image capture products, primarily consisting of high performance sensors, cameras and software for use in industrial, scientific, medical and professional applications products, specialty semiconductors and micro electro mechanical systems ("MEMS"), and infrared detectors, cameras and optomechanical assemblies. It also includes our sponsored and centralized research laboratories benefiting government programs and businesses, as well as major development efforts for innovative digital imaging products for government and space applications.

Digital Imaging Businesses

Aerospace and Defense Electronics

Our Aerospace and Defense Electronics segment provides sophisticated electronic components and subsystems and communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition and communications equipment for air transport and business aircraft, harsh environment interconnects, and components and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications, as well as general aviation batteries.

Aerospace & Defense Electronics Product & Marketing Portals

  • Teledyne Microwave

    Teledyne Microwave is your single source for microwave electronics. Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) delivers the world's most advanced microwave technologies for demanding aerospace, military, commercial and industrial applications.
    • Catalog parts and single function components
    • Integrated assemblies, sub-systems, and custom solutions
    • Expansive R&D capabilities to research, design, develop and manufacture products from RF through 220 GHz

Aerospace & Defense Electronics Businesses

Engineered Systems

Our Engineered Systems segment provides innovative systems engineering and integration, advanced technology development, and manufacturing solutions to space, military, environmental, energy, chemical, biological, nuclear systems and missile defense requirements. This segment also designs and manufactures hydrogen gas generators, thermoelectric and electrochemical energy solutions and small turbine engines.

Engineered Systems Product & Marketing Portals

  • Teledyne Nuclear

    Teledyne Nuclear is a collaboration of Teledyne companies. Each offers advanced nuclear technology and experience and innovation in its own area of expertise, but collectively, this group offers a scope of intelligence that provides a wide variety of pioneering solutions for nuclear products and services:
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Test Services
    • Measurement
    • Analysis
  • Teledyne Space

    Teledyne Space represents the collected capabilities of several Teledyne Technologies companies. Each company plays a role in one or more of the following five key areas:
    • Space components
    • Space subsystems
    • Space engineering
    • Space manufacturing
    • And space solutions

Engineered Systems Businesses